"After receiving jaw and neck treatments I've experienced better sleep, have been able to chew most foods, and reduced pain in the jaw, neck and head. They have friendly staff who are willing to be flexible when scheduling appointments. The communication between staff members was also great.

Before treatment I had pain in my jaw and extreme pain when eating. There were also issues with sleeping and teeth grinding. After treatment I retained full movement of the jaw, better sleep, and less teeth grinding. Most importantly, I'm starting to enjoy food again!"

- S.W.

"The treatment sequence was rigorous, but I wouldn't change a thing. The pain in my shoulder and neck was as terrible, but I've experienced a ton of relief."

- A.E.

"My treatment didn't just help with my pain. I feel better now than I did even before my accident. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I would strongly recommend it, not just for those suffering from TMD, but for everyday living!"

- T.M.

Y.O. was seen for trauma in the head, neck and jaw region endured from an auto accident.

"I came to this office with so much pain and discomfort, but after treatment I feel amazing! The most impressive aspect of my experience was how they focused on my symptoms and really hit the nail on the head in how they customized my personal treatment sequence. 

Before my treatment, I was constantly in pain. It was miserable. After the treatment, simply waking up without a headache was an experience I hadn't remembered for some time. 

Thank you so much and God Bless."


I wanted to write this note to tell people about what a wonderful experience I had at Dr. Raabeʼs office and with Kat at Integrated TMJ in Cherry Creek. I was involved in a bad automobile accident in September. In the process of trying to get healed, I found out that I might have TMD and that was one of the reasons I was experiencing headaches. It was recommended that I see Dr. Raabe.

I can say that from the first time I stepped into his office, it was nothing but a positive experience. They made me feel very welcomed. At the time, I was having trouble walking and communicating with people. They were very professional and kind in helping me, not only with getting around, but also with working with me.

Through some basic testing, Dr. Raabe was able to determine that I did have TMD (Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder). He walked me through a process which he told me would help relive the headaches and neck pain I was experiencing. He was excited to help me get better and work with me throughout the process. He is a great doctor, who is always striving to learn and be the best that he can be, while teaching his staff the same things.

In the process, I was able to meet some very special people. The first was Mary. She is better than Allstate, because with her you are in great hands, not just good hands. She is fun, professional and gentle to work with. She always had a smile when working with me and was always willing to go out of her way to help me out. Mary is by far the best person in that position and will always be the best person to work with in my opinion. Mary is an exceptional person that helped me get through some very rough issues in getting healed. Not enough great things can be said about her and what she did for me.

I also met Kat. She was professional and worked wonders in helping me with my healing process. She was great to work with. She listened to my concerns and helped me overcome some very difficult TMD pain. The treatments that helped the healing process greatly improved life after the accident. Kat was always willing to go the extra mile to help me. She had several different therapies to help me with what I was experiencing and walked me through them. She is also an awesome person to chat with and discuss topics.

Every time I came in the office, everybody knew who I was and called me by name. I felt bad some times, because with the injuries I sustained, I could not remember their names, but they knew mine. I felt like Norm from Cheers. The process I underwent with Dr. Raabe and his staff helped me lower my severe headaches. The treatment I received led to relief from my physical pain and suffering. It was also a mental relief to know that while I was there, I was the only one that they cared about and gave me the best treatment they could give, which kept me calm and happy. 

It gave me peace of mind to know that they were helping me heal and return to a normal life again. I can’t thank them enough for the help they provided me and my family. Not only have I recommend that my friends and family to go there for TMD treatment, but I will also be having my regular dental work done there as well. 

Thanks, Steve O.